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Hagane No Renkinjutsushis Journal

I keel you

27 April
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[ a wraith with an angels body ]

Welcome to Luna's journal.

[ a demon with a smile of gold ]


She is modest and shy, meticulous and reliable. She is practical and diligent, intelligent and analytical. She is fussy and a worrier, overcritical and harsh. She's a perfectionist and conservative, hard-working. She carries out duties efficiently and conscientiously, An eye for detail. She has a discriminating mind, likes order in all things. She is neat, and clean. She is precise in habits, modest. She doesn't like to draw attention, is satisfied from being useful. She enjoys being of service to others, outwardly cool. But inside she may be seething with nerves. She can also be overcritical and have a tendency to worry too much. She is the perfectionist of the zodiac.

[ a killer with the perfect weapons

Bury me standing under your window with this cinder block in hand
Yeah cause no one will ever feel like this again
And if I could move I'm sure it would only be to crawl back to you
I must have dragged my guts a block,
And they were gone by the time we talked

Woo, I want to hate you half as much as I hate myself
But know that I could crush you with my voice

Stood on my roof and tried to see you forgetting about me
Hide the details I don't want to know a thing

I hate the way you say my name like it's something secret
My pen is the barrel of the gun.
Remind me which side you should be on.

[ crystal eyes and a heart of coal ]

exteasea // My lovely girlfriend <3 I wish I lived with her. Really. I love her more than anything inthe world and she makes me feel like theres never anything wrong and that my life will be perfect when she is around. I never ever want to leave her, and I wish we could grow old together because then I'd be the happiest girl alive.
+lattebayo // Magda is awesome sauce. She tastes good with pringles and tostitos, and sometimes even fries. ;D
+neon_world // WE MET, HOW, EXACTLY? Anywho. Shes an awesome, crazy, Sasuke obsessed woman who really lives in my closet. Sometimes I feed her doritos.
+crackfandom // I still laugh about how you remember me as the crazy girl at Mac's thirteenth birthday party, and the one who never said a word all night. xD You're an awesome person, and one of THE coolest people I know that's younger than me, even if we never even talk anymore.
+boundinchains // She's cool cause she has her own apartment and she beat up her roomie with a dildo when I slept over.
+spellotaped // She makes my math class interesting because I have someone to talk to who dosn't ONLY talk about sex. Even though shes like 100% harry potter obsessed, shes cool. 8D

[ your dead lovers have left a trail ]

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This egg hatched on September 25, 2005!


[ of broken hearts and misspent hopes ]

so wear me like a locket around your throat
I'll weigh you down, I'll watch you choke